Brainkos helps teachers make learning more fun and effective, by mixing homework/in-class questions into single-player/multiplayer games. Brainkos is a comprehensive learning platform that supports every subject and provides a collaborative material repository for teachers, enables sending missions & tracking progress, messaging, file sharing, attendance taking and much more, with an innovative and intuitive UX.


WEBZOOM, developed and Maintain popular Mobile Apps Helping travellers recieve up-to-date data of currencies rates and Crypto rates right into their pocket. Published in marketplace such as amazon , google and apple. Supported by Adtech companies in San Fransisco and Tel Aviv, aiming to be top in competitive market. As well we can provide Proxy…


HotelsCombined, a unit of Booking Holdings, is a hotel metasearch engine founded in 2005, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The site operates in over 42 languages, handles 130 different currencies and aggregates more than 2 million deals from hundreds of travel sites and hotel chains.

Herzberg Digital Marketing

Herzberg Digital Marketing is an agency that specializes in Organic Marketing solutions. Using cost-savvy SEO, Social and Content marketing techniques, they help companies to attract customers naturally over time, rather than via paid ads.   Website:


Driveway, headquartered in California with R&D operations in Israel, developed and patented the technology that enables insurers to measure and reward good driving behavior without the need for a plug-in device in the car. The company provides a cloud analytics platform and mobile apps that deliver a cost-effective, frictionless driver safety scoring and Usage Based…


BeLive is a mobile application that enables users to broadcast live on Facebook to anyone they wish. Users can connect to BeLive’s cloud studio at any time and from anywhere in the world through their mobile phones. BeLive knows that a live broadcast is much more than just a video; by adding text and graphics…


HaDrone is developing the first Israeli drone light show for the mass market. We are self-funded startup of two experienced but still crazy partners aiming to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Easy to set-up, mobile and affordable drone light show will hit every wedding ceremony, corporate event or entertain guests on local events and in hotel…


Woglue is the first marketplace for digital out of home advertising powered by the computer vision system. Our idea is to equip public digital displays with cameras and connect independent screen owners with advertisers. We going to bring cost-per-view charging model widely used in online advertising into the offline world.

Sagie Consulting

Sagie Consulting is a one-stop shop consultancy focused on both startup and investor services. As Co-Founder of VCforU, Itay has helped thousands of startups, VCs, Corporates and family offices on a global scale. Entrepreneurs can enjoy consultation on commercial strategy, business plans, investment preparations, intros to investors, marketing strategies and business development services. Investors can…


Profility provides advanced predictive analytics technology that enables truly personalized care planning, by optimizing decisions and transitions within a healthcare ecosystem and leveraging existing knowledge about how patients will respond to a particular treatment or pathway


KEYPAY is the fastest, most versatile and trustworthy crypto investing platform in the world. KEYPAY’s digital wallet gives the costumer the entire control of their account. Unlike the banks, no one can enter the account and do anything with the coins in it.


Healthymize is the winner of the 2017 mHealth Startup Competition and the Israeli Ministry of Health’s 2017 Leading Healthcare Initiative Contest. Our product detects flare ups early in voice-affecting diseases, such as asthma, COPD and mental health disorders. Our personalized, artificial intelligence-based, voice monitoring technology gets patients to treatment faster, cuts costs and reduces suffering.

Tactile Mobility

Tactile Mobility’s multidisciplinary team of innovators has been passionately honing the missing sense for superior driving, since 2012. With presence in the U.S., Germany, and Israel, we apply our vast experience in signal processing, AI, big data analysis, embedded computing, and more, to transform the mobility industry.


Sonarax is redefining the way devices authenticate via contact less ultrasonic solutions, all devices can talk with each other over sonic interface. Using voice software and algorithms for identification, the company has developed platforms for creating a communications network between devices and between a person and a device. This development enables this communication to be…


The world’s biggest offshore fish farm in open ocean production. The company developed marine agriculture systems by using advanced developments that enable control and inspection over the location of the marine cultivation cells, feeding the fish and their development. The fish farm developed by the company is intended to respond to the increasing global fish…


  TankU transforms the complex and outdated gas stations experience with a one-tap mobile payment solution. Through an automatic vehicle & user identification, TankU delivers the ultimate fueling payment process for users, fleets and gas companies. TankU help fleets & gas companies increase profitability by cutting costs and utilizing AI & Big Data insights to…

Bright Innovations

Bright Innovations is an Israeli-based technology company focused on delivering a cutting edge, open smart city platform technology that we call Coral Reef™. This technology brings about our vision of the ‘Connected City’ – a city with a smart and shared environment for people, vehicles and devices that inhabit the urban environment. Bright is the culmination…


A revolutionary platform for automating medicine dispending. The company develops automation systems to reduce and prevent human errors in drug dosing and administering. Errors linked to administering drugs result in about 142 thousand deaths per year throughout the world, presenting one of the major challenges or global health systems. These errors could stem from problems…